Forget Me Not
July 2017




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but not alone.

Most people had memories they could pull from, things that would comfort them, times of old that they could reflect upon. Bree didn't have that. Bree had whispers; tendrils of a past she could no longer recall. Something intangible, floating just outside her grasp. When asked if she could remember anything about her past there was only one thing she could think to tell anyone about. She didn't know where she came from, or exactly how old she was, but she knew that no matter what she had forgotten, what they had both forgotten, she knew Finn Hadley was her best friend. She knew he'd always been there for her, and she knew that no power on this Earth could separate them.

  • Months Since I Started Writing

    March 2016

  • Total character count

    3 main charcters

  • Progress toward target word count

    75,000 words

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    Hey, it's all in the name of research!

Meet the Characters!

A little insight to the characters featured in "Forget Me Not."
Bree Nolan
Bree Nolan
Bree Nolan, is sassy, bookish, and has a big heart. She’s also very rash and spontaneous, sometimes that gets her into trouble! She and her best friend Finn Hadley, are just normal young adults. Well, except for the fact that they were found together by the roadside 4 years ago and have no memory of anything before that.
Persuasion, Dreamwalker
Finn Hadley
Finn Hadley
Finn Hadley is Bree’s best friend. He too remembers nothing from their past. He is fiercely loyal, a bit of a loner with other people, and often thinks little of himself. He’s also pretty sure he might be falling for his best friend. When memories of their past are brought to the forefront his loyalty and his love will be put to the test.
Healer, Empath
Blain Ivers
Blain Ivers
Blain Ivers is a sarcastic know-it-all. He is often smug and impolite to people outside of his close group of friends who consist of his best mate Finn and his true love Gabrielle (Bree). Among friends he is caring and loyal to the point of self-destruction. When he foresees a terrible event he is forced to choose an unspeakable path.
Zoopathy, Foresight


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