November 18, 2016

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Forget Me Not

Bree Nolan and Finn Hadley are best friends. They like the same music; they work at the same local fish and chip shop, oh yeah, and neither of them can remember anything before they were found stumbling out of Epping Forest in London three years ago. When a traumatic event causes memories of their past to slip through the cracks, will they be prepared for the outcome? Are they even the same people they once were? Why do they keep having dreams about a dark-haired boy with blue eyes? All secrets will be revealed and new bonds formed as they band together to rediscover the truth.

Coming August 2018

Time After Time

Time Travel Series – Blurb Coming Soon

Coming in 2019


Forget Me Not: Bloodlines

Prequel series starter for Forget Me Not

Coming June 2018


12 years ago she disappeared without a trace. Now, she’s back with a vengeance.

Coming May 2018

Kindle Worlds- The Salvatore Legacy Series: The Weight of Us

The weight of death hangs over the remaining residents of Mystic Falls. Can they begin to live their lives when their past is still haunting them?

Coming October 2018

Short Stories

Untitled from Fiction-Atlas Time Travel Anthology

Coming July 2018

Untitled from The Darkness Within Mental Health and Disability Awareness Anthology

Coming September 28th, 2018

Untitled from 42 and Beyond, A Space Opera Anthology

Coming October 2018


I’ve written four short stories to date and am always pumping out more for different anthologies throughout the year! You can find out more about those works here!


East of the Bronx from A Twist of Fate

When Alma Keats responds to a mysterious advertisement promising a rent-free apartment and a considerable amount of money in return for her companionship, she thinks she might change her circumstances.

Sick of her father making sacrifices to for the well being of his children, she realized this opportunity could be the answer.

There’s just a couple of catches. She can’t leave the sky-rise Bronx apartment or have any contact with the outside world. And her companion, wealthy businessman Jack Valemont? She’s forbidden to look at him until the one-year contract is up. If she can survive the isolation and the temptation to see her companion’s true face, she’ll walk away with 2 million dollars and a new life for her family.

The Eleventh Hour from Chasing Fireflies

It could be the best or the worst day of his entire existence, but one thing is for certain, it’s the eleventh hour and he has a choice to make. Remain her friend, or convince her that there’s more.

Ring Me from London Calling

When a wrong number turns into the lifeline he never knew he needed, James Declan is forced to come to terms with his demons. Can Claire, the girl on the other end of his mobile, be his salvation, or is she destined to become his biggest mistake yet?

Chasing Time from Holiday Heartwarmers

Carly and Micha are best friends. They have been since the sixth grade when Micha moved to the sleepy southern town of Corwin, Tennessee. For most of their teenage lives, they spent their time trying to get out. When they finally manage to do so, first love, betrayal, asinine exes and a heart-rending loss put their bond to the test. Will a trip back to Corwin for Christmas be just the shove they need to confront their past and make a better future?



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