My first published story!

My first published story!

Hello, all!

My first published story Chasing Time has been included in the 13 author Holiday Heartwarmers anthology! This is such an emotional day. I wrote this story on a whim and to have it be my first published work is an honor. There was a 10k word limit to the submission, so after the 90 day KDP Select period is over, I would like to expand this story to a full sized novel. Don’t worry! I’m still working on Forget Me Not! Chasing Time has some similarities to Forget Me Not because it has to do with the bond of strong, lifelong friendship. Please go check out my short story for now, to whet your appetite for Bree and Finn!


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Blurb for Chasing Time

Carly and Micha are best friends. They have been since the sixth grade when Micha moved to the sleepy southern town of Corwin, Tennessee. For most of their teenage lives, they spent their time trying to get out. When they finally manage to do so, first love, betrayal, asinine exes and a heart-rending loss puts their bond to the test. Will a trip back to Corwin for Christmas be just the shove they need to confront their past and make a better future?

Blurb for Holiday Heartwarmers

Immerse yourself in this eclectic collection of short stories featuring authors from around the world. Travel to different places with them as they enjoy an unexpected journey back home to reunite with family and take a chartered flight to the North Pole. Shiver with the cold and anxiety as their loved ones get stranded in a snow storm in Alaska or share the amazement of gazing at the spectacular views during a hike to Machu Picchu. Explore the Indian subcontinent by train, share an unforgettable vacation in Cyprus or venture into Afghanistan in the midst of war.

Holidays are a time of sharing and can take many forms. These stories explore the issues of family dynamics, reflections on life, and finding the true meaning of love and acceptance. They also show that sometimes, it is just as important to let go of old feelings and old memories. This collection of short stories is sure to warm your heart and light the spirit of Christmas.



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