C.L. Cannon’s Fall Fantasy Paperback Giveaway ~ Win 32 Paperbacks!


Subscribe to some of the best Fantasy, Young Adult, and Sci-fi authors in the indie and small press community for a chance to win The Mortal Instruments paperback 6-book boxed set + 26 Indie Author paperbacks. That’s 32 books total!

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C.L. Cannon   Bree Moore   CR Robertson
D. Fischer   D. L. Armillei   Debbie Manber Kupfer
D.H. Gibbs   E.M. Whittaker   Emma Woods
Holly Hook   Jen L. Grey   Jennifer Sloane
Kat Stiles   K.C. Tansley   Lana Campbell
Harper Alexander   Miranda Brock   Randall Allen Dunn
RJ Blain   Shane Thomas   Parker Sinclair
Skye MacKinnon   Aldrea Alien   Tabitha Barret
Tiki Kos   Trish Beninato   Zara Hoffman
Lela Grayce




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