Bloodlines Cover Reveal!

Bloodlines Cover Reveal!

The day is finally here!

I am so pleased to reveal the cover for my new series starter

Bloodlines: A Forget Me Not Origin Story.


The Illustrator is Kasia Krzysztofowicz and she is brilliant!

She’s also the artist responsible for the cover of Forget Me Not!

I can’t wait to reveal that one in June!



Bloodlines follows fraternal twins Anso and Ava at the very start of magic itself.

When Anso discovers there’s something different about him, something inhuman, he knows he must keep it a secret.

His father, his entire village would disown him, or worse.

There’s one person, however, whom he cannot hide from, his twin sister, Ava.

Ava sees right through Anso’s distress and promises to keep his secret while yearning for a power of her very own.

As Anso explores his newfound abilities, he also finds a friend with a similar problem. Could there be more like him?

This is the story of how an ordinary boy became a legend, a leader, the sister who stood by him through it all, and the best friend who taught him to embrace his differences.

Fans of X-Men, Harry Potter, and The Mortal Instruments will enjoy this series starter.


You can pre-order Bloodlines for just .99!

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