5 Life Lessons We Learned From Firefly

5 Life Lessons We Learned From Firefly

5 Life Lessons We Learned From Firefly

Very few shows which ran for just 1 season can claim they’ve had such an impact on fans as Firefly! The sci-fi/western mash-up is still drawing in new fans 17 years after its debut. And old fans aren’t going anywhere either! Joss Whedon’s 2002 brainchild has amassed a cult following and has gone down in history as the most epic show canceled too soon! The buzz for the show was so enormous, following its 2003 cancellation, that a movie was made to help bring the world to even more viewers and give a little closure to the crew of our beloved Serenity, which also happened to be the name of said movie! Even though there were only 12 episodes and one 2-hour long movie, we still gleaned plenty of life lessons from Mal and his crew, so here’s 5(ish) life lessons we learned from Firefly!

1. When calculatin’ 10% of nothin’, remember to always carry the nothin’.

Ah, math I can actually do in my head for once!

2. Betrayal is sudden but inevitable!

Carnivores, can’t trust them, can’t eat ’em… because they eat you first, and also, you’re a herbivore.

3. If you’re going to swear to end someone…do it in a pretty floral bonnet! It’s all the rage 😉

One must always be properly attired before taking lives.

4. Someone ever tries to kill you; you try to kill ’em right back!

Who needs Yoda with wisdom like this?

5. The best maintenance routine for a Firefly class ship is…love!

Not gonna lie, this line always makes me cry.

*Bonus Lesson* Avoid The Special Hell

Though, if you’re not a child molester or a person who talks in the theatre, you should be good XD


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  1. Thom Gordon says:

    I made the mistake, at a family dinner, of calling it ‘The Mexican Space Program’ instead of That Space Western (The name Firefly always seems to elude my consciousness). Now, and forever, my family remembers The Mexican Space Program as one of the greatest forays into space ever! Mind you, everyone knew what I was referring to – go figure…

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