C.L. Cannon’s Fall Fantasy & Sci-fi BookBub Giveaway

Follow some amazing authors on BookBub and be entered to win a $300 Amazon gift card!

Multiple ways to enter, including some daily tasks!

On a phone and having trouble entering?
Make sure you open this page outside of the Facebook web browser
by clicking the three dots and selecting ‘Open in Chrome’
or whatever web browser you normally use.


11 thoughts on “C.L. Cannon’s Fall Fantasy & Sci-fi BookBub Giveaway

  • I am an avid reader and read 100 books this year for my reading challenge. Always glad to try out authors new to me.

  • I just entered and put my wrong BookBub name. Sorry! I put in Lisa BoundByBooks. But it’s alifeboundbybooks. Sorry! Hope my entries still count?

  • Thank you to all those authors for offering us their books. Being able to read is saving my sanity in this lockdown

  • WOOHOOO! What a wonderful giveaway! As a single working Mom and teacher, I LOVE reading, and thanks to your cool contest I am now following some unique and colorful new authors! Fingers crossed I get chosen to be the lucky winner of the $300 Amazon gift card, it would make my family’s Christmas!! (I’m Nicole Bowers on BookBub :0 )

  • With the yearly Goodreads challenge, I put in for 100 this year (2020); I will check later, but think I made close to 300, if not at least 300. I have a towering TBR pile, needless to say, and there’s no such thing as too many books! Thanks for this exciting chance for all of us to win!

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