Girls of Might and Magic Release Giveaway!

Girls of Might and Magic Release Giveaway!

🔥 To celebrate the release of the Girls of Might and Magic anthology, we’re giving away a paperback copy of Girls of Might and Magic, a Shuri (Black Panther) Funko Pop, a Jesper (Six of Crows) character candle, a Chinese sword-themed bookmark, a “Read More Diverse Books” sticker, and an “Own Your Magic” sticker. 🔥

The more tasks you perform, the more chances you have to win!

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About Girls of Might and Magic

Find your might. Discover your magic.

A disabled teen tracks down an elusive sea beast. A young, Indian detective finds a magical artifact. A Black teen who can see the dead solves a murder mystery. An Ethiopian girl discovers magical secrets when she is kidnapped by her teacher. A teen survivor of a deadly plague realizes she and her robot companion are not alone.

Across realms, worlds, and dimensions we bring you sixteen fantasy and/or science fiction tales that explore the tribulations of growing up. In Girls of Might and Magic, we aim to put characters of color, characters with disabilities, and LGBTQ+ characters front and center in stories about strength and resilience. Full of diverse characters and #ownvoices authors, the protagonists in these coming-of-age YA adventures will not only discover powerful magic but discover themselves along the way. Don’t miss this magical collection of stories about witches, fae, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, jinn, and more!

The collection includes: Heartburn by E. M. Lacey, Wind and Silk by Alice Ivinya, Faith by Sudha Kuruganti, Grace and Ghosts by K. R. S. McEntire The Outside by C. C. Solomon, Daughter of Soil and Gold by Meghan Rhine, Check Yourself by Kat Zaccard, A Meeting in the Woods by Nicole Givens Kurtz, Pretty Young Things by LaLa Leo, Funnel Cake by Amanda Ross, Outcast by D. L. Howard, Serenity Dawn by C. I. Raiyne, The Cursed Gift by Courtney Dean, Chasing Waves by Kendra Merritt, Sight by Tamika Brown, and Memories of Magic by Ashley Ford

About Diverse Books With Magic: We are an online community of speculative fiction fans. We aim to highlight #ownvoices authors and stories with diverse characters. Join us on Facebook: Diverse Books With Magic: Science Fiction. Fantasy. Dystopian.

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  1. Mel Wright says:

    Great giveaway, thanks for allowing me the chance to try and win!

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