My Review Moonlit Woods by Eliza Tilton

My Review Moonlit Woods by Eliza Tilton

I was given a copy of the audiobook to review honestly. I really wanted to love this book. The promise of a fae romance that wasn’t filled with tons of spicy scenes intrigued me. I prefer books with great plots and secondary romance, so this seemed right up my alley. The premise of this book was brilliant, and the magical creatures and world were interesting, but the book suffers from repetition and lots of telling rather than showing with some insta-love thrown in there too.
There were no erotic scenes, which is what was promised, but there was a strange obsession with describing her breasts every few minutes, and she didn’t seem to have much depth other than having curves, big boobs, and a yearning to escape back home. Some passages were just awkward, giving to second-hand embarrassment.
The performance of this book would have been better with a female voice or dual narrators. The current narrator goes over the top quite often when trying to do Rosalie’s voice.
Overall, I feel like the book was just okay. Not one I would pick up again or read a second book about. A skilled developmental editor could probably help get this story where it needs to be and help the author create some character depth and a more natural flow.

 When marriage or death are your only options, you break all the rules. Rosalie is sold to the magistrate of Farrow’s Gate to compete in a marriage competition. If she wins, her home is saved. If she loses, she’ll be forced to work off her family’s debt in an undisclosed location.

But the magistrate won’t just marry any human. He wants a mate whose magic rivals his own, and Rosalie can’t ever reveal just how powerful she is. In the world of Saol magic is regulated, and if the Magi Council discovered what she is, it won’t just be her life at risk. Her only chance of escape is with the magistrate’s bodyguard, Baine: a dark, too handsome fae, and one who has no interest in helping a human girl.

Until one night in the moonlit woods when everything changes, and suddenly Rosalie is torn between what she wants and what is right. Losing the competition means death, winning means the death of others, and Rosalie is out of time. If she doesn’t choose soon, someone will do it for her.

The Moonlit Woods is a standalone Fantasy Romance within the Shifting Fae world perfect for readers
looking for sweeping, epic fantasy, a sweet slow-burn romance, fast-paced action, and a happily ever after.



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