My Review of The Sniggard’s Revenge by Jeff Chapman

My Review of The Sniggard’s Revenge by Jeff Chapman

My Review:


While I enjoyed the characters in the book, and the main premise was brilliant, the writing style was very hard to follow at times, and I found myself going back over sections again and again in order to understand what was actually going on. As such, it took me a very long time to finish the book, and I started losing interest about halfway through. It did pick up a bit more at the end, but the whole thing reads a bit more like an old fable than an adventurous Fantasy story. There are some great moments of humor that come in at just the right times; I just wish the writing style wasn’t so meandering, as this could have gotten a few more stars from me had it been more straightforward.

I will add that the narration for the book was phenomenal! Easy to follow and expressive!

Please don’t just take my word for it. We all have different likes, interests, and opinions. Check out the book at the link below and read the blurb to form your own opinions. 

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Taking from a Barrow? Not a good idea.

Ethan’s family has fallen from owning a manor to scraping by on a small farm. As he approaches manhood, his prospects don’t look very promising. And Arabella, the girl he’s set his sights on, is the daughter of the Squire. Goaded by his younger brother, Ethan enters the Barrow, fights for his life with the tomb guardian, and escapes with a silver gorget.

Ethan hatches a plan to impress Arabella with the gorget. At the same time, the Sniggard, who guards the Barrow, makes plans to retrieve the stolen item. Ethan’s plans go horribly awry. The Squire stands in his way. The Sniggard kidnaps Arabella. And Ethan stumbles into Faerie.

It’s up to Ethan to fix the mess he’s created and rescue Arabella from a life of captivity with the Sniggard. But how’s a farm boy supposed to accomplish any of those monumental tasks?

The Sniggard’s Revenge is a gripping novel of fantasy adventure. If you like strong and dynamic characters, rich descriptions, magic, and trips to Faerie, then you’ll love Jeff Chapman’s The Sniggard’s Revenge.



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