Month: March 2023

C.L. Cannon’s Supernatural Obsession Giveaway

    Follow some amazing authors across the web and enter to win print editions of The Supernatural Beastiary, Bobby Singer’s Guide To Hunting, Supernatural: The Roads Not Taken, and Family Don’t End With Blood, plus Dean and Castiel Funko Pops, Cards Against Supernatural game, and SPN sticker pack. Come back every day for special…
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My Review of Isla Emerged by Deidre Sequeira

My Review: ★★★ Isla Emerged is a good, albeit short, story about a mermaid who is betrothed to her best male friend. However, she yearns for more from her life. Most of the book is spent with Isla trying to escape from her kingdom and then getting caught by her father or fiance, or sometimes…
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