My Review of Dark by Paul L. Arvidson

My Review of Dark by Paul L. Arvidson

My Review:


Dark is an adventurous romp through the pipe system of Dun’s planet, known as The River. Dun struggles with his dreams, which he fears may be prophetic, and his mission to discover what has happened to a neighboring clan. With his best friend Padj and their guide Myrch, Dun is exposed to brilliant new discoveries and horrific dangers. He also meets a brilliant alchemist, Tali, who gives him new perspectives. There were a few times the story lulled, but all in all, Dark is an enjoyable read and a world I’d like to know more about via future books!

Please don’t just take my word for it. We all have different likes, interests, and opinions. Check out the book at the link below and read the blurb to form your own opinions. 

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He never wanted to be a hero. But deep in the tunnels lies a deathtrap for the unwary…

Dun is haunted by savage dreams. Already suffocating under the weight of caring for his struggling family, he fears his visions mean he’s a shaman like his missing father. But when the rivers mysteriously empty of fish, he embarks on a dangerous quest to uncover the truth.

Armed only with his dad’s half-finished map, Dun sets off into unknown territory with two friends and a dubious guide. But his search for answers could send him and his companions straight into the jaws of death…

Can he survive his destiny in the chaos of a crumbling world?

Dark is the intense first tale in the groundbreaking Dark science fiction fantasy series. If you like unexpected heroes, spectacular settings, and intriguing mysteries, then you’ll love Paul L Arvidson’s original adventure.



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