My Review of A Soul As Cold As Frost by Jennifer Kropf

My Review of A Soul As Cold As Frost by Jennifer Kropf

My Review:


A Soul as Cold As Frost is an imaginative and adventurous masterpiece! The book is a mix of Narnia, Wonderland, and Howl’s Moving Castle, and in the best way!

Helen receives a mysterious orb from an even more mysterious stranger. What happens next is unexpected and wonderous! She can now see a whole new world, but with this power comes danger! A witch named Maura Rouge is seeking her with vicious intentions. Luckily, Helen meets Zane, who happens to be my favorite character! Zane is sworn to protect Helen, who learns she is something called a truth carrier. Can Helen survive The Quarrel of Sword and Bone? Will she ever get home again? Can she ride Cornelius Britely’s train forever? (Gosh, I wish! I would love to!) Only time will tell!

If you’re looking for a magical read, I highly recommend this book! The characters are fleshed out. The story is fast-paced and unpredictable. The world is unique but also somehow familiar. I absolutely loved it and need more! Off to the sequel, I go!

Please don’t just take my word for it. We all have different likes, interests, and opinions. Check out the book at the link below and read the blurb to form your own opinions. 

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The Quarrel of Sword and Bone was a death sentence for anyone who stepped into the arena with the deranged Queen, whose soul had crisped to frost in an age long since past.

Sixteen-year-old Helen Bell understood tragedy better than most kids growing up—she knew what it was like to wear clothes from donation bins and be mocked by the beautiful girls in school. She thought these brutal experiences made her ready for anything. But, she wasn’t ready for this. After an eccentric girl opens Helen’s eyes to let her see the realm of winter—a world with intersects tucked carefully into the cracks of our own, where monarchs have risen and fallen, it’s forbidden to mention the name of the dead king of winter, and the currency is gold rings—Helen comes to realize the downtown confrontation was more significant than what the eccentric girl let on. When Helen receives a summons from the Crimson Court to enter into the Quarrel of Sword and Bone, a traditional duel performed before 1,000 witnesses that leaves only one survivor, she’s forced to finally pay attention to the boy who’s been following her around with a warning on his tongue.



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