My Review of The Ascendant Path: Scholar by Joshua C. Cook

My Review of The Ascendant Path: Scholar by Joshua C. Cook

My Review:


I really enjoyed this story. It starts with Layten, a boy from a small village, who is chosen to become a scholar and study at the House of Knowledge. This is pretty standard Fantasy, but once he arrives at the House of Knowledge, that’s when the fun begins. I really enjoyed his relationships with Hopwell and Wix! The banter was priceless! I also appreciate the different backgrounds the characters represent and how differently they react to their situations, yet all band together as friends, no matter their status. The magic system and the general lore of the world are well thought out and unique. I love how magic isn’t used for everything. It is sacred and must be used by necessity, rather than convenience lest one dishonor the gods. The last few chapters in the hidden library are full of action and make you excited to continue the series! The narration of this book is also very well done, with distinct voices for each character and tones that are easy to follow.

Please don’t just take my word for it. We all have different likes, interests, and opinions. Check out the book at the link below and read the blurb to form your own opinions. 

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Welcome to Alos – a world torn between the thriving, magic-free lands of the North and the untamed, mystical realms of the South. Under the vigilant guidance of Sartum, the Unsundered, the North flourishes, protected from the dark corruption of magic by the Anchors – an ancient order with the power to absorb and eradicate malevolent forces.

Meanwhile, the South stands in stark contrast – a wild, untamed land teeming with magic and peril. Amidst the chaos, non-human races such as the Trinil, Gorom, enigmatic Leuh, and a myriad of other rare and mysterious beings, establish pockets of stability.

Enter Layten Grayread – a young dreamer with aspirations of becoming a Scholar, graduating from the prestigious House of Knowledge, and dedicating his life to safeguarding the free lands of the North against the threats of magic and its monstrous creatures. When Layten’s dreams finally become a reality, his life takes a thrilling turn – but destiny has other plans in store.

A chance discovery leads Layten, alongside his friends Hopwell and Wix, to a hidden, forbidden library filled with heretical tomes and journals. Unwittingly, the trio embarks on a perilous and unparalleled journey, challenging everything they once believed.

Layten had always yearned to be a Scholar – but as he soon learns, the pursuit of knowledge comes at a heavy cost.



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