My Review of Blood Wisp by Sarina Langer

My Review of Blood Wisp by Sarina Langer

My Review:


I was first introduced to this story via the audiobook by downloading it on StoryOrigin for review. I will say that I could not get through the audiobook, though I tried several times. The narrator seems to be putting on an English accent but doesn’t do so very convincingly, which leads to some awkward passages, especially when the inner dialogue is read.

Once I downloaded the ebook instead of the audio, I actually really enjoyed the story. Yau has been lied to for most of her life, and her relationships with others are almost non-existent because of the lies she’s been told and the rumors about a massacre from which she was the only survivor. Yau has no memory of this, and the only clues to her past are her black veins, which seem to seep with evil. This all changes when she meets Aza, a sand blade warrior who has blood on her own hands. For the first time in Yau’s life, she finally has a friend she can trust. With Aza’s help, Yau takes control of her shadow and discovers her vampiric nature and also a bit about love and passion.

Sarina Langer’s world-building and prose were well-developed and left me wanting more! I’m looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

Please don’t just take my word for it. We all have different likes, interests, and opinions. Check out the book at the link below and read the blurb to form your own opinions. 

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A young woman struggling with her Shadow. A blood-thirsty demon fighting for control. Neither prepared to lose against the other.

The country of Midoka embraces magic, also known as the gift. Its most powerful order of sorcerers, the Mist Women, teach novices at the coven in Maishi Hou, and their graduates serve as expert advisors all over the world. Magic is every Midokan’s undeniable birthright.
Except for Yua. An unwilling resident at the Maishi Hou coven, she can’t call forth the smallest flame. Her only childhood memory is soaked in blood. The only hint as to who—or what—she is lies in her blackened veins.
But they also hide a shadow thirsting for blood, and even the leading Mist Woman fears it.
All her life, Yua has fought her Shadow… until she meets Aza, who says there’s no darkness without light.
Yua is done being scared of herself, but embracing her Shadow could kill everyone. If she tries, she could lose herself forever…
Or she could answer its whispers and become something new.



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