C.L. Cannon’s Holly Black Fan Giveaway

Follow some amazing authors across the web and enter to win the entire 4-book, Folk of the Air series by Holly Black including, The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, The Queen Of Nothing, and How The King Of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories, plus a Jude and Cardan book sleeve, Elfhame candle, Jude quote pillow, Cruel Prince inspired bracelet, a foiled quote bookmark, Jude and Cardan enamel pin, and a kidnapped by fairies sticker.

The more tasks you perform, the more chances you have to win!

Come back every day for special tasks that will earn you daily entry points!

On a phone and having trouble entering? Make sure you open this page outside of the Facebook web browser by clicking the three dots at the top right and selecting ‘Open in Chrome’ or whatever web browser you normally use.

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