My Review of Tribe Of Midnight by Iris Knox

My Review of Tribe Of Midnight by Iris Knox

My Review:


This is a difficult book to review. I really enjoyed the story. The concept is amazing, and the storytelling is crisp and well-paced. Still, it was very hard to like the love interest, Wyran, until very late in the book because of the abusive nature of his relationship with Lillian, the book’s female protagonist. He made her do some downright deplorable things, not to mention all the physical abuse she suffered from his tribesman. I just didn’t get enough of his backstory to warrant his actions enough for me to forgive such trespasses. We get a glimpse of his past, but it is not quite fleshed out. I look forward to reading the second book to possibly see things from his point of view. I do love the world that Knox has created and Lillian’s character, who is both cunning and strong. I’ve already pre-ordered book two!

Please don’t just take my word for it. We all have different likes, interests, and opinions. Check out the book at the link below and read the blurb to form your own opinions. 

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In the Tribe of Dawn, one must always follow the rules:

Never steal from a neighbour
Never curse the skygods out loud
Never lie to the High Court
Never wander into the East woods alone
Never speak to an enemy clansman
Never approach the boundary
Never, ever cross the boundary

The rules must always be followed.
The rules must always be followed.

Lilian Utopiv is wandering through the woods alone one afternoon when she sees a boy across the boundary. She knows the rules. She knows what will happen if she breaks them.

With secrets unravelling at every turn, and an enemy tribe hungry for her blood, Lilian is pushed to her limits–physically, mentally, spiritually. Her enemies want her to be a coward. They want her to spill her secrets. They want her to turn on the Sungod she serves.

But she can’t. Or her tribe will pay with their lives.



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